A guide to selling your property.

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Make sure your house is Market ready!

To make sure you are maximising the chance to get the best price for your property, it pays to put yourselves in the buyers shoes and think about the inside and outside – and how it presents itself.

Kerb appeal is important, maybe it’s as simple as tidying your garden or re- painting your front door. When walking into the property, what are the first impressions that your potential buyer gets? Would it be worth investing in a few minor changes to appeal to a wider audience, for example re-painting your rooms a neutral colour that makes it look bigger, cleaner and isn’t limited to tastes.
By making these few but simple changes, you will widen the appeal to buy – and even better, most probably achieve more for the sale.

Establishing the Valuation of your property.

Zoopla online is a platform to see what a house in your street last sold for as a guide, however this is not the way to value your property. Every property has its different merits and the market is continually changing, therefore for your best chances of getting the most accurate valuation – seek out a few reputable local estate agents and see how they compare.

A good valuation isn’t necessarily the highest – and this is sadly a tactic often used by an Estate Agent to win the client. An inflated value can end up back firing when your house doesn’t sell, as the asking price will later be reduced which often has the reverse effect with potential buyers wondering why the house hasn’t sold.

A good estate agent will base their valuation on the size and condition of the property and focus on its best assets for example the garden or open plan modern extension. They will have experience of identifying the potential in a property e.g. those that have potential to extend or renovate, and then asses the market place, its target audience and present other current properties of similar type that have sold.

Picking the right Estate Agent

More and more people are opting to sell on line to avoid agency commissions, but as a lot of people are finding out the hard way – this is a gamble and could end up being a costly mistake if your property doesn’t sell in the first couple of weeks. Not only will you lose the upfront fee when you decide it isn’t working, you will then have to pay Estate Agent fees on top.

However, it is also very important that you feel confident about the estate agent you appoint. Not only do you have to feel self – assured in their approach to sell your property, but you also must be sure that they will take you through the conveyancing process as seamlessly as possible to achieve the sale.

Another mistake sellers can make, is taking on an estate agent based purely on the lowest fees for two reasons. Firstly, an agent that is confident in their ability and expertise, will not need or want to offer the lowest commissions in order to get new customers on board. Secondly, if your property doesn’t sell in the first few weeks, then the agent does not remain motivated to a) keep on pushing it and b)to get the best possible price for it.

Like Knights – if an estate agent is super confident in their ability to get the best price possible for your house, an incentivised commission structure with a low commission starting point means that the agent will remain motivated to get you the highest price, and more than you imagined meaning a win win for both parties!

Marketing your property.

You have chosen your Estate Agent, and now the marketing begins. Your appointed agent should now get to know your property inside out to be well versed in viewings and able to sell it as if it were their own.

Below is a list of some of the marketing that Knights have to offer for comparison.

  • Stunning Professional digital photographs taken, highlighting the best assets in your property.
  • A floor plan professionally drawn up, with an additional floor plan with Knights recommendations of how the property could be configured.
  • Internet marketing through portals such as Rightmove and On the Market our own website.
  • Stand out Knights board erected outside your property.
  • Social Media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.
  • Shop window through our window cards.
  • Local and national advertising through media outlets.


It’s time for viewings!

In the first week you will find that you get your first surge of interest and Knights manage the entire viewing process for you, as will all high street estate agents. We book in viewings at your convenience – giving you enough time to make sure that the property is tidy, decluttered and presentable. Knights will accompany every viewing and lead it. Often it is better to leave the estate agent and potential buyer to roam, allowing them the freedom to ask difficult questions they may not want to ask in front of the seller. This gives a chance for an honest discussion to take place between the agent and the buyer. Take on board feedback that is re-occurring and easy to fix.

Someone has made an offer.

When somebody makes an offer on your property, hold fire on popping the champagne just yet. Your estate agent will be your intermediary, negotiating the offer on your behalf and within your best interests. There are lots of factors to consider, so it is not quite as simple as jumping at the highest offer if you have more than one on the table. Consider if the buyer is a first-time buyer, chain free or in a long chain and haven’t yet sold themselves. If they are cash buyer, have an agreement in principle and can work to your preferred timings?

Too often, people can feel pressured into accepting an offer, but Knights work in your best interest, and will work to get you the best possible price with people in the best possible position. We make sure that you make an informed decision based on a number of factors including comparable sold properties, further interest and viewings and general market conditions.

Offer Accepted

Buying and selling a house is one of the biggest transactions you will go through, which is why it can naturally be a stressful process. That is why, once you have negotiated the offer and accepted, it’s time to instruct a reliable solicitor who will help make the process as stress free as possible. Working with solicitors and conveyancers daily means that we have built up a network that we would be happy to recommend. Once we have both sets of solicitors we send out a memorandum of sale to all parties involved, detailing the agreement and allowing the solicitors to make contact.

Survey and Conveyancing