How much is your property worth?

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House valuations are at the core of the property selling process. It is imperative for estate agents to know the market inside out and therefore be able to value your house accurately from the beginning in order to command what the house is worth.

There are lots of factors to take into consideration from superficial reasons, to those that are more influential. This is where you can have confidence that Knights will accurately advise you on how to make simple changes to achieve the best price for your property.

We are also so confident in our ability to value and then achieve its maximum potential that we have even put our money where our mouth is with a Challenge Knights incentivised selling model. This demonstrates that we never become complacent in selling your property, often accomplishing the unimaginable.

A house valuation is the start of the exciting journey of selling your house. When you market your property with Knights, you will receive a complimentary, expert valuation –along with a hassle-free sale.