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Changes to bin collections in Bournemouth

Posted by David on March 17, 2017
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From 24 April 2017, the Council is changing how we collect rubbish in Bournemouth by introducing an alternate weekly bin collection service.  We will collect the 240 litre recycling Big Bin and the 140 litre rubbish Little Bin on alternate weeks i.e. Big Bin (recycling) one week and Little Bin (rubbish) the next.

We will continue to collect food waste weekly on the same day as the other bins and as part of the new service, we are offering the option of a larger 23 litre food waste container. Alternatively, residents can continue to use your current 12 litre container, if they prefer.

Flats which currently have the Big Bin, Little Bin arrangement in place, will also change to an alternate weekly collection in April.  A leaflet detailing the bin changes and a 2017 collection calendar will be delivered to every affected household before collections change in April.

In preparation, the Waste & Recycling team would be very grateful for your assistance in identifying properties under your management that have the Big Bin, Little Bin arrangement that may struggle with their current bin capacity once the changes take place.

Over a third of waste thrown away in Bournemouth is food waste and over 60% of Bournemouth’s household waste can be recycled in the Big Bin. If tenants are recycling everything they can in their food and recycling bins, this will reduce the waste that needs to be disposed of in the rubbish bin. If tenants would like new or extra food waste containers or recycling bins, these can also be easily order online:

There will be some households, however who may struggle to manage with one rubbish bin on a fortnightly collection.  Residents at these properties can apply for an additional rubbish bin as long as they are using the recycling and food waste collections AND live in a household with:

  • Household with five or more permanent occupants
  • Household with two or more children in nappies
  • Medical condition that generates extra waste.

Residents or landlords can visit to complete the application and book a home visit with our Waste Awareness Officers. Ideally the home visit should be with the tenants so they can demonstrate why they think they need the extra rubbish bin and we can directly answer any questions they may have about waste prevention and recycling in Bournemouth.

Please be aware the extra rubbish bin costs £43, which the landlord is required to pay for, unless residents are on certain income-based benefits.

Collections from flats using large communal bins will not be changing in April, but will be visited in coming months to determine the suitability of refuse collections on alternate weeks. It would be very useful if you are able to provide details of the properties you manage so we can contact you at this time.

If you require any further details or advice, you can find more on our website or contact us via e-mail